It Was a Grand Ole Party

Last one to leave – turn out the lights.


I’ve voted Republican most of my life, though in the interest of disclosure, I admit that I’ve always been more of a radical constitutionalist. Having been a vote that the GOP could solidly count on for 15 years, I broke with the GOP in 2004, opting to vote for Michael Peroutka for President in the general election. At that point, my exasperation with the party had grown so great, I voted for the socialist Sherrod Brown over Mike DeWine. I wasn’t a Brown supporter by any stretch, but given the massive lead Brown had, I figured it was a way to telegraph my disapproval with the direction in which the party was oriented.

I am, sad to say, ruling out a vote for any GOP candidate in the 2008 election season, excepting for the outside chance that Ron Paul will be at the top of the ticket. If I have to hold my nose and vote for socialist statism of one stripe or another, I’ll select the pure socialists who make no hedges about their intentions, and at least offer a person not interested in invading more sovereign nations an audience. A vote for the Republicans has become a vote for more war and increasingly entrenched fascism.

I’m under no illusions about my decision. I am not deluded to believe that my idealogical home is in the Democratic Party – I know that it is not. I am also not sending a message. I am done with the Republican Party, and hope to see it die an unceremonious death this election season. To me, it is the electoral equivalent of a mercy killing.

I held out great hope as the campaign season started. For the first time in my voting life, there was a candidate who was embracing the historical positions that had caused me to first self-identify as a Republican. But it appears that the GOP voters have rejected conservatism, opting instead to redefine what I understood it to mean to be a Republican.

I say “bring on McCain“. Regardless of the opponent, I predict a bloodbath at the polls, and not just at the top of the ticket. I predict that this election will go down as the closest corollary to the Little Big Horn on record. Not only will the Democratic nominee win an electoral landslide, the coattails will be long enough to hand the Democrats a daunting governing majority.

I’m not anxious to see the days of democratic domination return, but I am even less anxious to see what currently passes for conservatives to control the apparatus of government. While both parties are controlled by the neocons and their world-dominating agenda, there remains a truly restraining populist bent among the rank and file in the Democratic party.

In all likelihood, Dr. Paul will be on the ballot in one way or another in November, allowing me to stave off the lesser of two evils analytics. But if I had to pull a major party lever in November, I’d go with the lesser of those evils. Go Hillary (ouch!), and good riddance GOP.

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Now if we can only get you to stop voting all together and lending your credence to the process. They pick the winners log in advance. They make sure their candidates win. Their candidates get massive publicity. Others get none. Their candidates get admiration and money. Others get none. They care not about whom wins in November, because their candidate heads either ticket. The rest is mere show. Who are these conspirators? Follow the money.

The Ron Paul R3VOLution was about bypassing the media by a disorganized group of individuals who let the free market of ideas decide if others would join them or compete with better ideas. Screw the GOP. Screw the Democrats. The right and left wings of the same bird has never been more apparent. The mainstream media exposed as irrelevant as never before. Old ideas given new blood. Angry new blood. Aaron Russo recruited more of this hard working, tech savvy youth to the cause with “America: From Freedom to Fascism,” than he expected. 9/11 Truthers embrace the intended insult and keep hammering away with unanswered questions. People consider how to abandon the dollar before it completely abandons them. Wish we could save everybody, but that isn’t going to happen. So take care of yourself first. Cause a little mayhem every once in a while. And prepare for the time when those in charge can no longer hide their theft and their tyranny from the mob. And then we will see … will the mob fold or will they fight? Based upon recent American history, I am betting fold. Based on my experiences with the young in the past year, maybe the spark of revolution will ignite a revolt not just between the ears but for something better than we have now. Though I am bothered by history showing our own revolution to be the exception rather than the rule as to what rises from its ashes.

Fascist Nation
February 4th, 2008 at 1:14 pm

I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t intend to stop voting until I’m done planning my armed revolution (I believe and practice non-violent principles, so the FBI can learn to take a joke).

Since coming to terms with what it is that actually results from the election process in America, I am wholly opposed to voting for any major party candidate who isn’t an anti-establishment insurgent – not just an outsider, but an outsider hostile to the status quo.

I am not giving up and packing it in just yet. The Paul campaign has proven that the internet will be a force for the vox populi, and that force will only become more and more powerful and less responsive to the central planners attempts to manipulate the populace through concerted and everlasting propaganda.

Of course, that is why the internet must remain free and flat. No censoring by government and no tiered levels of access. Free people must come to understand this emerging force and it’s fundamental importance to our continued liberty. If left to it’s own devices, our government has all of the requisite powers necessary to crush non-violent dissent. Nothing else needs to happen. Welcome to our police-state in waiting.

We cannot let them take away the free speech paradise that is the internet – they already control all other means of mass communication. Anyone who thinks they don’t have designs on controlling the internet and it’s content too is incredibly naive.

February 4th, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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