And Now, What You’ve All Been Waiting For….

As noted in my post from last night, Guiliani is out as of today. His endorsement of McCain is illustrative of the inevitable coalescing of consensus that always comes when the establishment fears losing their grip over the process. They needed a split field long enough for one of the horses to float to the top of the heap, at which time the also-rans are unceremoniously pushed aside, lending their support to the consensus candidate. For today, that candidate is John McCain. I suspect after Super Tuesday, it will once again be Romney.


Tonight at 8, CNN will televise the California debate, live from the Reagan Library. As the field winnows down, expect to hear more from Dr. Paul. While he may not get more time proportionally, he’ll get more time by virtue of the fact that there are fewer candidates to vie for the time. And as we’ve seen, Dr. Paul does well in the debates. His principled, conservative outlook comes through loud and clear. As the field continues to cast off the casualties, he will get more time and exposure. I want to go on record as predicting a serious upswing in his support from here forward.

The next test for Paul is in Maine, which begins a three-day caucus process on Friday. The punditry is expecting him to make a respectable showing there. We should soon have some sort of clarity to the mess in Louisiana as well. Paul needs to go on the stage tonight, and point out to everyone in attendance and watching on TV that he has finished second or better in 3 of the last 4 states to hold primaries or caucuses. He needs to get across the idea that we are right where we expected to be and wanted to be – still standing and in great financial shape while the field around us packs it in. People like to back a winner, and Paul has to make a clear case that he can win. He needs to point out that we’ve had those three second (1 first?) place showings without the help of the mainstream media – but that they can’t ignore us much longer.

I’d love to see him say something metaphorically powerful. Maybe:

“This train is ready to leave the station. Our strategy is working, and this is where we begin to press forward. I invite the American people to join with me in sending a message to Washington: we are not willing to let things continue as they have been. We will not accept lip-service. We want a government responsive to the will of the people and observant of the rule of law – all of the law. We expect our government to operate within the bounds that we the people set for it. We are not wards of the state, but sovereign individuals with inalienable rights. We are the masters of this government, and we are not happy with your performance. We want our government back from the elites who control the media and try to influence the voters to select candidates who represent the interests of the elite corporatists while devastating the working people who are the backbone of this economy. We are winning over the hearts and minds of the American people who are waking up to find out that we’ve been had. Our campaign has finished first or second in three of the last four states to vote, and yet we are ignored. The will of the American people will not be denied. The party elites and the media will not tell the American people for whom they may vote. This train is leaving the station tonight, and we want all freedom loving people on board.”

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I think you are correct. Romney just blew millions on the same amount of delegates that Ron Paul won in Florida – 0!

This race is between Ron Paul and the Bush/Clinton clones. The sooner the GOP comes to terms with that fact, the better off we all will be.

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January 30th, 2008 at 1:58 pm

Hey, thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

Cooper Sequeira
April 19th, 2012 at 4:36 am

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